Italian designer Roberto Nieddu is the creative force behind CRN Design Studio, a company that specializes in architectural and interior design. Roberto has lived in India since 1993 and his many years of experience in designing and exporting furniture all over the word has lead him effortlessly into the world of designing beautiful spaces. His love for traditional Indian architecture has been an important influence on his work, especially in India. Roberto’s knowledge of building furniture and incorporating antique architectural pieces into his projects has allowed him to express the importance of incorporating India’s rich past in a more contemporary setting. A fusion of vintage and contemporary & east meets west has become the company’s trademark. The secret to his success lies in his ability to listen to his client’s needs and make them their reality.

Managing Director, Naresh Chauhan, has been working with Roberto for over 20 years and he is instrumental in driving their team of professionals to accomplish all of their goals. He makes sure that the company’s commitment to a higher standard of service and quality is maintained.

CRN Design Studio specializes in hotel & restaurant design, office spaces and workplaces, residential luxury living and commercial spaces for retail stores,spas and salons

Roberto Nieddu


We have a passion for designing and creating spaces that combine aesthetics and atmosphere with practicality and functionality. Our work is a close collaborative process with our client and a determination on our part to interpret their thoughts and build them their dreams. A dedicated team of designers, engineers and computer experts work hard to help our clients visualize what they are building and make sure they actively participate in every aspect of their project.
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