Apartment in the Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, Spain

This 50m square apartment in the heart of the medieval quarters of Barcelona was designed to maximizing space but still give the illusion of being spacious. Walls were knocked down and the old brick work was exposed in the main living area, and the lovely old ceilings were cleaned up and left in their original state. The two bedroom apartment was custom designed by CRN Design Studio and built in Jodhpur. Everything from the recycled teak flooring, to the kitchen cupboards and stone countertop, to the beds and bathroom sink were built to fit their respective spaces. The modern lights on the old ceilings blend in perfectly against the brick wall and old doors sourced from Rajasthan were used to separate the bedrooms and bathroom from the open concept living and dining area. The modern kitchen has all the built in appliances necessary for modern day life, including a small hanging herb garden out the kitchen window. A perfect space for a small family living in the narrow streets of old Barcelona.
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