Brys Fort, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

This project consisted of many different phases. CRN Design was approached to do the interior design for an existing hotel which required some remodeling of 20 rooms and public spaces in the first phase. Local Jaisalmer stone already existed in the interiors of the bedrooms, soft furnishings and nice wall colour were used to break up the heavy stone work and photographs of the iconic fort were displayed on the walls. All the furniture for these rooms were custom designed for the project. The bathrooms were renovated using the same local stone, a large mirror and glass shelves lend a modern touch.In the second phase CRN Design was asked to build the owners a family home that could be rented out to hotel guests. This building was designed by us as well as all of the furniture and soft furnishings.In the final phase CRN designed an additional 20 luxury rooms and suites, in a more modern take on the fort theme. A series of double story villas were built to look like a small village with arched windows, beautiful columns holding up traditional balconies and stone pathways leading to all the public spaces. The suites have private plunge pools built into the turrets. In the back gardens in between the two properties a large pool was built with an open air dining area. The pool is flanked by four gazebos with flowing curtains to shade guests from the desert sun. CRN Design did not do the interior furnishings for this last phase.

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