Indo-Italian Villa, Udaipur, Rajasthan

This residential project was one of CRN Design’s first private property developments. Our client requested an Italian inspired villa, so our challenge was to build a five bedroom house that belonged in Rajasthan but still had the charm of Italy. Sitting on a20 x 60′ plot we built a family home complete with a plunge pool and a kitchen garden and lots of natural light.

Locally sourced sandstone was used in combination with a coloured cement facade, and the Italian style placement of stone gives it that extra bit of design element. A beautiful portico is the main entrance of the home with a romantic balcony on top, and a few other balconies strategically placed in different positions around the house. At the rear of the property an outdoor area with a small pool and terrace area was created to maximize outdoor living and give the family the perfect place to entertain. Arches continue to be a theme inside the house, delineating spaces but keeping an open concept of light and space.

Most of the furniture for the bedrooms were custom designed by CRN and built in our warehouse, similarly most of the lighting was custom designed and made by us. Vintage pieces such as an old ceiling panel and other objects were sourced for this project, and the play of colour was important in highlighting them. To give a more modern and unique look to the house we took our clients shopping in Europe to pick up pieces that could not be found in India.

It was important to get as much feedback as possible from our clients to understand their family life and how we could make them live more comfortably and in a beautiful surrounding that reflected their individual personalities.

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