ITC Welcome Group, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Malik Architecture from Mumbai brought CRN Designs on board this project to assist in carrying out onsite architectural and interior design features. The use of colour was an important element in highlighting the beautiful architecture and reflecting the vibrant colour of Rajasthan. Our team carried out the design and execution of many of the public spaces around the hotel including the three restaurants and designed and manufactured all of the furniture for these areas.

Chinkara multi-cuisine: a village inspired theme using recycled teak windows set against a textured ‘mud’ wall. Vintage one of a kind pieces were collected and used to create a Rajasthani atmoshpere, furniture pieces were designed to mimic the local vegetable carts on wheels. Antique architectural pieces were woven into the modern design of the restaurant.

Sholla : This restaurant was designed to reflect Royal Rajasthani hunting tents, a luxurious space where sumptuous food is cooked behind a wall of glass. The interior is a rich mix of sophisticated colour and animal prints and many beautiful old brass vessels that line the tent walls. The fabric for the tent was designed by CRN as well as the place mats, runners and aprons. This room was transformed into a large tent (an engineering feat!) and all the furniture was designed to make guests feel they are in the great outdoors.

Bistro Desert Rose : this all day cafe is the heart of the hotel. The combination of colour, vintage textile beautiful architectural details such as the colourful antique ceiling panel and the unique triple arch holding many heritage pieces from the region just works! Recycled teak flooring adds more warmth to the space and the large comfy armchairs and spacious sofas draw people to the space. Behind paneled doors hides a TV for those moments, otherwise it remains behind closed doors.

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