Manvar Resort and Camp


Nestled amongst sand dunes Manvar Luxury Camp is like an oasis in the desert. The owners wanted to give a very special experience to their clients and offer them a luxurious stay in the middle of the Thar Desert. Separate from their main camp, this smaller and more intimate location offers a quiet and relaxing atmosphere while enjoying the spectacular views of nature from the different vantage points created around the camp.

CRN Design Studio created a very comfortable and functional bar and lounge area as a place for guests to mingle after a busy day; the look is modern village chic! Being out in the desert we wanted to embrace the sandy colour palette yet bring in a splash of colour with the vintage textiles from around the region. The ceilings are clad in old teak wood, finished with a subtle white wash and the sand coloured cement walls blend in perfectly with the environment. All the furniture was designed and custom made for this project by CRN; vintage wooden accent pieces were sourced out of Jodhpur. The lounge opens up onto a patio where dinner is served under the stars, and below this we created a seating area for sunset drinks where the guest feel like they are part of the desert!

The swimming pool is surrounded by teak decking, and is a wonderful spot to take in the sun. The stone wall around the perimeter of the pool is made with local red sandstone with niches for lanterns creating a nice soft atmospheric lighting. The two spa rooms near the pool are spacious and have large bathrooms. Furniture and sinks for these spaces were designed by CRN Design Studio.

The idea behind lighting for this project, was to keep it warm and low. For the interiors we designed wall sconces and hanging lights made with rope for a natural feel, and outside a combination of candlelight and old lanterns are dotted around the public areas.


In the main camp our clients wanted to give their dining area and public space an upgrade. CRN Design Studio created a village scene around the buffet windows, with niches in the background and some authentic brass pieces used in the nearby villages. Decorative wooden shutters were made to close the buffet areas adding to the village theme. Beautiful burnt granite counters run the length of the buffets. At the far end of the dining area a simple stage was made for the local musicians and dancers with soft lighting and ample space to perform. Guests can sit up close and watch them from mattresses on the ground or they can sit comfortably in the iron sofa and chairs a bit further back in front of the bar area. All furniture and textiles were designed and sourced from CRN Design Studio.

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